"A most interesting behind-the-scenes look at the commitment of some great personalities who have contributed their lives to classical ballet. It is fascinating to get to know some lesser known aspects of the beginnings of some very well known stars. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they are all clearly united by an unswerving vocation and the total dedication they have given to their art form. This dedication, perhaps unfashionable now, is one without which classical ballet will not survive."
~ Maina Gielgud, Order of Australia

"After reading this book with great pleasure, I feel like thanking Toba Singer for giving us an insight into all of these great artists. It pulls back the curtain on their lives. I highly recommend "First Position" to anyone interested in understanding what it takes to master the difficult art form of ballet."
~ Johnny Eliasen, Former Artistic Director
Royal Danish Ballet Company

"As someone who in not a balletomane, I nevertheless enjoyed reading Toba Singer's writing on some of its renowned international practitioners. I like the way in which Singer places the different players in a political context, since dancers do live in and of their times. She makes ballet vibrant and important, even to a novice like myself.
~ Jane Goldberg, Director
Changing Times Tap Dancing Company, Inc.

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